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A practical guide for invoking the power and blessings of Tara, the beloved female Buddhist deity of Tibet.

Known as "the female Buddha" in Tibet and India, Tara connects us to the archetypal Divine Feminine—an energetic force that exists within us and all around us, and has been available to all humans since our earliest origin. 
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Tara Cards

The Tara Cards (sold separately) are a set of 22 cards that are a helpful companion to the book, Tara: The Liberating Power of the Female Buddha. The cards are double sided, with Green Tara on one side and one of her twenty-one emanations on the other. There is also a separate card for Green Tara. Each one has a description of the particular emanation of Tara, her mantra, her praise, and a brief statement about the action of that Tara.  

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