Tara Posters

Tara Posters

I'm delighted to announce we now have two sizes of Tara posters available for your practice - small (5"x7") and large (10"x14")! You will recognize the image of Tara from the cover and inner flap of my book, Tara: The Liberating Power of the Female Buddha. 

Small Poster   Large Poster

Small: $20 | Large: $30
(Price includes domestic shipping, handling, and tax. International shipping is available at an additional charge)

Note: These buttons open pages on RCWMS.org where you can order the posters. The Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South is handling orders and shipping.


The image comes from a photograph of the tangka, which was painted on white silk by Giovanna Silvani-Weidman. You'll notice that the photo includes the elegant hanging system that Giovanna designed for this luminous vision of Tara. To this day, I cherish my great fortune to have met Giovanna in Switzerland, to have had the opportunity to request that she paint the Tara tangka, and to benefit daily from this painting that graces my living room wall.

The inspiration for creating these frameable posters came from several of you who asked whether copies of the image were available. Your requests set the process in motion! I'm particularly grateful to Giovanna for giving me permission to reproduce her beautiful image in this way.