Monthly Online Tara Practice with Rachael

The online Tara practice group meets every THIRD Thursday of the month and you can attend any session. Please mark your calendar, as you will not receive an email reminder before the practice.

In each group practice, Rachael begins with teachings about the particular Tara and then leads a guided meditation. We are following the sequence of the Tara emanations as they appear in the book. The group is hosted by Bhumisparsha, an emerging tantric Buddhist community.

The next group practice will be held June 15th, 2023 7pm EDT (Dark Red Destroying Tara). Please join us!

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Tara posters: We now have a 10x14" Tara poster (suitable for framing and hanging) and a 5"x7" Tara poster (suitable for an alter or travel) available for your practice.

18May2023 - Black Tara
20Apr2023 - Dark Red Victorious Tara
16Mar2023 - Red Hum-Sounding Tara
16Feb2023 - Yellow All-Victorious Tara
19Jan2023 - Golden Tara
15Dec2022 - Great White Soothing Tara
17Nov2022 - Red, Swift and Courageous Tara
20Oct2022 - Green Tara
15 Sept2022 - Review and reflection on our two-year cycle of practice with the 21 Emanations of Green Tara
18Aug2022 - White Tara Who Fulfills All Activities
21July2022 - Orange Tara Who Protects from All Illnesses
16Jun2022 -  White Tara Who Removes All Suffering
19May2022 - White Poison Removing Tara  
21Apr2022 - Saffron Tara Who Moves the Three Worlds
17Mar2022 - Red All-Knowing Tara
17Feb2022 - White Soothing Tara
20Jan2022 - Black Wrathful Tara
16Dec2021 - Red Burning Tara
18Nov2021 - Golden Good-Luck-Bringing Tara
21Oct2021 - Orange Poverty Removing Tara
19Aug2021 - Red Influential Tara
15Jul2021 - White Protecting Tara with the Three Jewels Mudra
17Jun2021 - Dark Red Destoying Tara
20May2021 - Black Tara, Destroyer of All Negativities
15Apr2021 - Dark Red Victorious Tara
18Mar2021 - Red Hum-Sounding Tara
17Feb2021 - Yellow All-Victorious Tara
21Jan2021 - Golden Tara
17Dec2020 - Great White Soothing Tara
19Nov2020 - Red, Swift, and Courageous Tara
29Oct2020 - Green Tara

Poems and Praises for Tara Practices
These three poems or praises were read and discussed during our group meditation on Red Hum-Sounding Tara.  They are appropriate for all Tara practices, so please use them at any time. 

White Tara with the Three Jeweled Mudra
In this audio recording, Rachael reads the chapter, "White Tara with the Three Jeweled Mudra". The recording also includes a guided meditation practice on White Tara, which is included in the chapter.

Special Orange Tara Practice
This is an audio recording of a Special Orange Tara Practice our local group did to lend our hearts and spirits to those suffering from the effects of the two pandemics gripping our nation–that of systemic racism and of Covid-19. There is a longstanding tradition in Tibetan Buddhism of practicing Orange Tara Who Protects from All Illnesses during epidemics. 
In this practice, I joined teachings from two emanations of Tara: Orange Poverty Removing Tara and Orange Tara who Protects from All Illnesses.  In the first half hour, I discuss  these aspects of Tara as they relate to what is happening in our local communities, our nation, and around the globe.  The second half hour (starting at 25:24), is a guided meditation focused on Orange Tara who Protects from All Illnesses.  This is done in the manner of the full sadhana practice that our group does each month, which includes a few extra steps that aren’t in the book. Please use the practice as you feel called.