Green Tara, The Liberating Goddess who Accompanies Us in All Realms
Watkins Mind Body Spirit
Autumn 2022
Issue 71

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Book review
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Rabbi Dr. Chava Bahle, whom I know through our circle of friends involved in the work of Deep Ecumenism, wrote a wonderful review of the book, published in the Journal of Interreligious Studies (JIRS) last year. Rabbi Bahle recommends the book for several purposes: as a guide for personal practice of Tara, as a text for various academic purposes–undergraduate Buddhist studies, the psychology of religion, and last but by no means least, feminist studies of comparative religion. The ecumenical thread shines brightly throughout the review!

Taking Refuge in Tara Article

This is a lovely article about the monthly online Tara group I lead, hosted on the Bhumisparsha platform. After a year of being in the group, Liz Kineke, a freelance religion writer, pitched the idea of an article to Tricycle for their Daily Dharma series. They agreed, and she interviewed me and several group members. I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps feel inspired to join our online Tara practice in the future!

Tami Simon Interview

In this episode of Insights at the Edge, you are invited to get to know Tara as a very real and deeply empowering presence in your own life, as Dr. Wooten introduces you to the radiant figure beloved by millions in Tibet and across the world. In conversation with Tami Simon, she also discusses the 21 traditional emanations of Tara, the first steps involved in embarking on a relationship with Tara, and how to enlist her help at this particular time in history.  (1 hour, 7 minutes)

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A new book on Tara explores a portal to the divine in a female form

Yonat Shimron wrote a wonderful article for Religion News Service about my path to Tara, culminating in the writing of the book. Yonat did an amazing job of synthesizing complex information, both about my life journey and the Tibetan Buddhist tantric tradition from which Tara practice originates.

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The Author-Editor Conversation

This is a video conversation between my fabulous editor at Sounds True, Jennifer Brown, and myself.  We tell the story of our meeting, how the book came to her attention initially, and when she finally brought the book to the full publishing  team, who approved its acquisition.  Jennifer and I, both Tara lovers, became good friends and now fellow co-conspirators! It’s a lovely, heart-warming and Tara-filled conversation.
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Green Tara and the Mother Wound

Paige Pilcher is a wonderful young woman who created a podcast, The Bright Side of the Moon. She uses Tara practice to help her move through darker times and encourages younger women in her sphere to do the same!
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