Tara's Light

Warmest welcome to my blog about Green Tara and her twenty-one emanations! Although I’ve been studying, practicing, and writing about Tara for over 25 years, I continue to make new discoveries as I explore all the ways in which she manifests.  

Sometimes a single image brings the teachings alive in an instant. The light shining on the tree in this photograph was a teaching moment for me. Several winters ago, I was walking through a maritime forest on one of North Carolina’s barrier islands after a rare snowfall. I followed the winding path among the live oaks, whose curving limbs embody the meaning of an enchanted forest. Something drew my attention into the forest to my left, where I saw bright light concentrated at the base of the tree, arising from no apparent source.

Try as I might, I could not find the origin of the light. I could only marvel at the display it created in the snow at the base of the tree. Whenever I recall this moment, I think of Tara.  

Tara’s light, which guides us in our inner struggles and outer activities, is like the light we see in the picture. It is clearly there, even if we aren’t able to discern a point of origin.  

In these most challenging times, we need practices, shorter and longer ones, to remind us of Tara’s ever-present illumination. We must return again and again to the felt sense of goodness and light, which arises spontaneously within us and around us. We need the longer practices, which allow us to settle deeply into the calming, spacious energy of awakened consciousness. We also need “in the moment” practices: consciously connecting with living beings–human, plant, or animal–or to a mantra, a soothing thought or compassionate prayer.

The healing possibilities that Tara and her practices offer are endless and easily accessible on a moment-to-moment basis in daily life. You simply have to get to know her! Follow your inner wisdom and holy curiosity and you will find the ways in which this works for you.

Join me on this journey with Tara! Let us find ways together to bring her energy alive within ourselves and into our world. I’ll be commenting from time to time about how Tara influences my daily rounds, and I hope you’ll share some of your experiences also. In the meantime, may Tara bless you throughout your day, and please, “Let Your Light Shine!”